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Use Skull Keys to Unlock Free Bounties

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What are coins?
Coins are the virtual currency that Ebounty uses to reward users who win contracts by eliminating bounties.
How do coins work?
You can use coins at any time to join, create, and even increase the value of any bounty with a cash prize.
What are skull keys?
Skull keys are the virtual currency used to join Free Play bounties.
What payment method can I use to buy coins and keys?
Coins and skull keys are purchased via credit card or PayPal.
How do I redeem my coins for cash?
Coins can be withdrawn at any time for real money using PayPal or your bank of choice.
How do I get free keys?
Keys can be crafted by using skulls that are awarded for eliminating players in games supported by Ebounty.
How many skulls are required to craft a key?
1 key can be crafted using 10 skulls. There is no limit to how many keys can be crafted.
How do I redeem my keys for cash?
Unlike coins, keys cannot be withdrawn for real money via PayPal or your bank of choice.